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Recommended Reading

a Path AppearsA Path Appears by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn
In this book, the authors focus on innovative solutions to the pressing issues identified in Half the Sky. With fascinating stories, the book encourages each of us to do our part. For example a majority of children in many developing countries have parasites in their intestinal tracts. Treating this, for as little as 50 cents per student per year, can raise school attendance by 25%. And in hundreds of villages in Africa and India, 20 or more women bring 10 cents to the weekly meeting of their savings society and then borrow from the pool to start a business. On page 258, Global Grandmothers is cited as one promising new idea!

Creating Room to ReadCreating Room to Read by John Wood
In its first ten years, non-profit Room to Read grew from providing books to one small school in Nepal, to founding 10,000 libraries in ten countries.  Founder John Wood describes this exciting, world-changing trajectory and attributes it to applying business practices, like goal-setting and program assessment, to non-profit administration.  Now Room to Read aims to see that children everywhere have access to literacy and books in their mother tongue from a young age.  After you read this you will think it is possible.


Grandmother PowerGrandmother Power by Paola Gianturco
This gorgeous photographic book documents the new international women's movement of activist grandmothers. It focuses on groups in 15 different countries on 5 continents tackling tough problems to enhance the future of children everywhere. The author, one of Global Grandmothers' advisors, is donating the royalties from the book to the Stephen Lewis Foundation's Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign, which benefits grandmothers in Africa who are raising children orphaned by AIDS.


book cover Half the SkyHalf the Sky by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn
The premise of the book is that the most effective way to fight poverty and extremism is to educate and empower women and girls.  Sex trafficking, forced prostitution and gender-based violence are closely examined and exposed while charities and organizations that effectively address these situations are noted.



Leaving Microsoft to Change the WorldLeaving Microsoft to Change The World by John Wood
This autobiography tells the amazing tale of Wood leaving a significant and lucrative corporate position to pursue his passion to build libraries and schools in remote Nepal. From 1999 to present day, his simple first request for children’s books has now become a global fundraising network and an employer of dedicated educational and business teams. His nonprofit organization, Room to Read, is serving millions of children.


Mountains Beyond MountainsMountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder
This biographical portrait of Dr. Paul Farmer is both inspiring and challenging. The story follows the tireless persistence of Farmer as he addresses the medical needs of the poorest of Haiti’s citizens. Infectious diseases compounded by crippling poverty is the impetus for founding the non-profit, Partners In Health, which serves the voiceless and powerless by providing health care and justice for the world’s poorest and most vulnerable.


Revolution: From Food Aid to Food AssistanceRevolution: From Food Aid To Food Assistance
The United Nations frontline agency responds to emergencies and works to prevent hunger in the future.  This publication documents new food assistance innovations and sets a new strategy to overcome world hunger. - Available for free download at


The Life You Can SaveThe Life You Can Save by Peter Singer
Professor of Bioethics at the Center for Human Values at Princeton, Peter Singer writes a very readable book on the ethical reasons for individuals in the “have” nations to share with those in the poor parts of the planet. This book explains the statistics behind assertions that hunger can be eradicated in our time – and offers ideas on how each of us can participate in that great goal.


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