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Linked Giving

Global Grandmothers' core concept is "linked giving." The idea is simple -- give to a child in need when you give to a grandchild, or another child you know and love. By linking these gifts, you remind yourself to do what you always intend, but may not always remember - share with others less fortunate when you give to your own. You can promote your grandchild's sharing spirit by making him or her aware of your linked gift.

You choose how to meet your pledge. Possibilities include
— linking each gift with a donation
— making a large gift annually for one child or for grandchildren in the same family
— sponsoring a child jointly with the grandchild

When you connect gift-giving to your grandchild with giving to support children in need, you fulfill your Global Grandmothers pledge.

We offer a gift-giving journal PDF, a print and fold gift card PDF, and a gift tags PDF to assist you. Click on the links below to open and print these fun tools for giving.

Gift-giving Journal >
Printable Gift Card >
Gift Tags >

Sample language for gift giving as a Global Grandmother

Here are some examples of the type of wording a Global Grandmother might write onto a gift card, attach to a package label or tell directly.

  • In celebration of your ____________ (ie:  birthday), I have also made a Global Grandmother donation to ___________________ (ie:  Save The Children)
  • Because I am Global Grandmother, I have also made a donation to ________________
    to commemorate this _____________ gift to you!
  • Because I have pledged to be a “Global Grandmother”, I will make a donation to __________________ in your honor today.

Dear ___________,
To commemorate this special occasion of __________________, I am honoring my pledge as a Global Grandmother and will also make a gift to _____________________ in support of children worldwide.
With love, Grandma,_______________

Today I give you this gift with my love, and will also make a gift to a child whom I have not met. 
You see, I am a Global Grandmother!

Select Charities

For more information about the charities Global Grandmothers recommends see Our Recommendations.
For charities organized by region go to Give by Region.
For charities organized by focus or interest go to Give by Interest.

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